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The Prevail

In the fall of 2017, Late Earth joined forces with More Sound recording studio on Burnet Ave in Syracuse NY to record their first official release. The product of those sessions gave way to 'The Prevail', a five song EP that packs a full-length punch. The tunes selected for the cut are meant to express Late Earth's musical range, and make it ever difficult for the band to decide what genre they actually fit in. So far, we're letting listeners decide and instead opt to spend our time making more music.

Each song carries a purpose. Feignanimal is about student debt and how it has indentured a generation. Space Cadet surgically denounces domestic violence. Walter tells the story of a man who fought through war and worked hard for a plain, simple life. The Black Sky Problem speaks about a crumbling society at end of the world. Belly of the Whale is a reminder of human fallacy, hypocrisy and mortality. Albeit grimly themed, the tempo and energy of these songs will knock the dust off you and put a perspective on the shelf for you to take down and play with when the light outside grows dim.

We're here to save the world... and you're gunna help us.

Many thanks and cheers.


Late Earth

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