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The Band that would persist

Late Earth is an independent alt-punk band from Syracuse NY. Started in the summer of 2012 as an acoustic duo by the name "Never Knows Best", The band would continue to morph over the years, adopting and changing members in search of their signature sound to finally arrive at what is now Late Earth.

Late Earth wields a sound unlike that of your average garage band. The music is multidimensional and crosses genres (ska, jazz, r&b, punk, rap, folk to name a few), while the musicians add their own twist to create a sound that is, for lack of better quantification, hard to place.

After two years together, Late Earth disbanded for a hiatus. After some time in the void, Late Earth rose once again, and in the summer of 2016, the band reformed with three of its original members. Determined to bring back that signature sound, Late Earth now thrives in the CNY music community, wielding a tone sure to bite your ear.

The band is comprised of:

Evan Bujold - Lead vocals, lead guitar
Jake Marshall - Rythm guitar, vocals
Andrea Canale - Drums, vocals
Kevin Brite - Bass

Late Earth hopes to tour the world someday. Perhaps today is it.

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